Mayor’s Message to the Residents of Corrales . . .

During the recent Corrales election campaign, I projected a number of exciting projects now underway which will be completed over the next four years. These include: Loma Larga, to begin paving in mid-year; the new Recreation Center and the new Fire Station; possible commercial area “dress up” and efforts to improve historic respect for Corrales Road. I plan to make good on these additions to the Corrales lifestyle. Also, and of most concern, is to provide the best possible basic services of fire and police protection. We will continue to enjoy the Corrales Bosque Preserve in its present state. Corrales will continue to manage it. We will endeavor to continue efforts to preserve agricultural based acivities. As always, I and the very competent Village administrative staff invite input from each of you and encourage you to become involved in community affairs. I am most gracious for your kind endorsement and I offer you abundant thanks.


Gary Kanin
Mayor, Village of Corrales